IRS Employee Lois, John Koskinen, IRS Commissioner, And Wolf Blitzer

It?s become a pattern. This administration claims ignorance or incompetence rather than admit to doing anything wrong.
Yesterday, IRS Commissioner John Koskinen enjoyed a cup of coffee with CNN?s Wolf Blitzer, who must have been in a bad mood because he actually some tough questions of a Democratic…

27-year-old Catherine Ferreira, South Jersey Times, John J. Pelura, And N’t Watch Btw

Downtrend has covered some shocking beatings in which most or all onlookers did ? just watch.
Take the case of two Ohio sisters who were stripped and beaten for apparently no reason. ?Beaten? may be an understatement as they were, among other things, stomped and kicked in the face. Bystanders just …

Wimpy Bonehead, Impeachment Charges, Senate Catch, And Real Question

The real question is whether or not anybody in the Congress has the balls to file impeachment charges.
They need to take out his pet rotweiller in the AG?s office first. Start in the House in November and let the Senate catch up in January after the swearings in.
A Black man in the White House has …

United Nations, Liberal Global Organizations, Wonderful Community Organizer, And International Governing Body

One of most insidious things we have witnessed during the 5

White House, President Obama, Secretary Josh Earnest, And Homeland Security Jeh

Whoever came up with the system of checks and balances (*cough* James Madison *cough*) obviously knew nothing, or at least that?s what White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest apparently thinks:
?[W]e?re not just going to sit around and wait interminably for Congress. We?ve been waiting a year alre…

Northeastern Illinois University, Poorly Written Piece, Anti-Communist Hero, And Lech Walesa

If Northeastern Illinois University doesn?t remove Lech Walesa?s name from a building on campus, gay people will begin committing suicide.
Or something like that. I can?t tell, but what I do know is that because the anti-Communist hero and former President of Poland said something stupid about gays…

IRS, Amazing Community Organizer, Conservative Political Opponents, And Conservative Group

Remember a while back when our amazing community organizer in chief actually claimed there was ?not a smidgen of corruption? at the IRS? I wonder how many people believed him back then. I still wonder how many people would believe this claim today. If recent polls are any real indication, not a heck…

IRS Scandal, Monologue Segment, IRS Staffers, And Coincidence

Greg Gutfeld used his monologue segment on The Five last night to discuss the IRS scandal. He was as much fun as usual.
?It?s all a coincidence,? Gutfeld said. ?Seven IRS staffers, all under investigation, have computer crashes and there?s no way to get the missing data back. A coincidence. Right.?…

Astonishingly Sucky Number, Horrible GDP Report, Economic Growth, And Negative Economic Growth

In case you missed the news, first quarter GDP for the U.S. economy was revised sharply downward to an astonishingly sucky number of -2.9%. That means, essentially, that our nation is half way to a recession, which is two consecutive quarters of negative economic growth.
The Obama administration an…

Police Chief, Chief Crystal Moore, City Council Members, And Councilwoman Lutherine Williams

The town of Latta, South Carolina has voted to give fired lesbian police chief Crystal Moore her job back and strip powers from the mayor who abruptly fired her.
City council members said if the vote went their way, they would reinstate Moore.
After the ballots were counted, 69 percent of voters ?…