Obama Lies… Freedom Dies

The lies coming from the Whitehouse concerning health care reform continue. The media (main stream type), doesn’t call him on them and your freedom to choose how you handle your relationship with your doctor is getting closer and closer to being taken away from you.

Controlling your health care will give the federal government unprecedented control over your personal life. The second the government can dictate whether or not you can get the treatment you need to live based on a cost benefit analysis you are no longer in control of your life. You will be a slave to the federal government for as long as they decide it’s affordable to provide you the care you need to live. The One knows that this bill is just the first step and as soon as they control access they will be able to dictate whatever behavior of yours they consider relevant to your health… since they are now the ones providing your health care.

Our Socialist in Chief has chosen to lie about these bills from the beginning. Here’s just a few examples:

Your premiums will go down by double digits. – The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has determined that your premiums will go up not down.

The deficit will be lowered. – “When government outlays and revenue collection are considered together in a 10-year period, Medicare cuts are not double-counted, and the “doc fix” is included, the bill will substantially increase the deficit, with an overall cost of approximately $2.3 trillion.”

You can keep your coverage if you want. – CBO estimates up to 10 million Americans would no longer be covered by their employers.

No funding for abortion. – The Senate bill will provide funding for abortion. Unlike the House the Senate didn’t even vote for an amendment to stop it.

No reduction in access to medicare. – The bill would reduce Medicare payments by an estimated $493 billion over 10 years, including payment reductions for Medicare Advantage, hospital care, home health care, and nursing homes. Common sense tells you that can’t happen without reducing seniors access to their medicare benefits.

No “death panels”. – Call them what you like, these are still going to be the government bureaucrats who decide on how to control costs and who can get what treatment. Seems like a recipe for a “death panel” to me. When you don’t have the freedom to make your own life and death decisions what freedom do you have?

A vote against this bill is a vote for the status quo. – Patently false. A vote against this bill is a vote against this piece of crap bill… nothing more nothing less. A vote against this bill is a vote for personal freedom and against a government takeover of nearly 18% of our economy. A vote against this bill is a vote that will give us all a chance to consider a common sense free market approach to solving this issue.

These health care reform bills have absolutely nothing to do with health care reform and everything to do with the taking of your freedom. They are all about an already out of control government grabbing more and more power for itself and assuming for itself the power to make personal life and death decisions for you. If like me you find this totally against the principles this country was founded upon… an affront to the founders, the constitution, and your unalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness then LET THEM KNOW NOW!

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